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Learn improv to improve business, relationships, communication, and much more!
“Dozens of top companies are finding that employees who laugh together stay together, produce more, invent more, and work more cohesively as a team.” Bradford Swift, HRMagazine

Improv For Business

In business, especially in these changing times, it is so important to be quick on your feet! Improv isn’t just for comedy. Improv teaches business professionals how to react quickly during sales, negotiations, and any sort of business deal. You never know which way a sale or negotiation is going to go. Improv teaches you how to adapt very quickly to any given situation.

So, what would be better than learning improv to increase your flexibility, creativity, and quick thinking? Bringing improv into your sales meetings can liven up your meetings, create lasting bonds amongst co-workers, and train them to work together as a team.

Improv For Fun
There are many reasons to learn improv! One of the number one reasons, is it’s FUN! That is why I AM THE FUN PRO!

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Learn Improv

Learn improv to improve your business. Learn improv to improve your relationships. Learn improv to improve your listening skills, and to better understand yourself and the way you interact in the world.

My courses and exercises help your team and yourself develop greater communication skills and awareness through the modality of improv – laughing and learning.

With over 20 years of experience internationally, find out why Jamie Honey has helped businesses and individuals through the skills of improv. Choose improv for yourself or your entire company and watch the results, or just have fun for your party gathering. Or maybe you want to spruce up those dull sales meetings or parties?

Ellen’s Dance Dare

Ellen’s Dance Dare couldn’t be resisted by Jamie when a friend of ours from Fiverr told us about it! We thought it was hilarious, and the ellen dance dare wheels started turning. Her dare is to dance behind people with out them knowing it, and even better if you don’t know them! So, here is Jamie’s Ellen’s Dance Dare Video – Silent Dancer!

Improv For Christmas

Ok, we do have a lot of fun over here at the Fun Pro team! Of course we do! That’s why it is called ‘The Fun Pro’. We had a tiny bit of snow, and being into improv like we are, we jumped out and took advantage of it. Anytime Jamie see’s an improv opportunity, I am running for the camera! Do you want to put your friends on the nice list? Or maybe you want to put them on the naughty list? Or maybe, you want to put them on the nice and naughty list! Well, right now, we have the ‘nice list’ available to order now! It’s a great fun Christmas card you can send to friends, to family, or to who ever you wish! Loads of fun!

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Improvisation Made Fun

Many people think improvisation is just for actors, or some fun silly games that children play. But, it is so much more than that! Improvisation is for anyone wanting to think quickly on their feet, increase their listening skills, learn how to effectively communicate, and increase their sales.

Improvisation Increases Sales

Yes, even increasing sales can be a benefit of improvisation. I understand this is a bold claim. However, if you are in sales, at one time or another, a customer has thrown a curve ball at you, and you didn’t know how to handle it! I know that has happened to me! But, imagine being able to be in two parts of your brain at the same time, focused on listening, and being able to think using a vast imagination at the same time. You may be able to quickly come up with the exact witty thing to say to your customer. But, above and beyond that, you will have the ability to truly LISTEN to their needs, and deliver exactly what they are NEEDING. This is HUGE when it comes to sales!

Effective Communication through Improvisation

Improv can help to improve effective communication! Being able to learn to truly listen to what others are saying, rather than just thinking about what you are going to say to them will increase your ability to effectively communicate. This is an absolutely big win for you, and for others. Too often, people talk over each other, and nothing is ever fully communicated. As well, through social conditioning, many times people don’t say what it is they mean. So, learning improvisation can help to pick up what they are really saying through body language, choice of words, etc, can teach you how to be a master at communication!

Wall Stunt Improv Promote What Ever You Want Video

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Improv And Imagination – What that means for your sales!

Improv And Imagination

Improv expands imagination……… and it’s easier than you think!

Improv And Increased Imagination

Visualization is the process by which you create images with your mind. When you hold an image in your mind there is a total effect in your body and environment. Coaches and athletes as well as mystics and gurus know this and use this to affect desired outcomes in their life. To hold a thought of what is not actual in your physical experience is referred to as imagination… imaging the real as a potential. So just by the very act of desiring more creativity and imagining that you already have it, you start to open that door to that opportunity.

Creativity is the process by which you create another “something” with your mind. Creativity can be either something completely new or a change for the better on something current or just the ability to see something differently. Great minds and noted celebrities of the past used creativity to be exceptional and not to be confined by what was assumed to be the norm.

So some tips to increasing your creativity and therefore your success in your desired outcomes in life.

Creativity is all about using the mind so doing things where you think more is a great way to increase your ability to be creative.

* Do some Improv exercises these stimulate the mind and are a lot of fun as well as being healthy (see Health Benefits of Laughter).

*TV relaxes the mind while reading engages and activates the mind. Doing some reading each night before bed will both exercise your brain and lead to some interesting dreams, for your last thoughts can get contemplated as you sleep.

*Take a word and see how many other words you can make from it. For example LAUGHTER… contains HAT, RAT, LAG, HAG, HUG, GREAT, EAT, HAT, HEAT etc. This is training your mind to see things differently.

* Randomly pick 3 words from the dictionary and then create a mythical animal, or a sentence that uses those three words, or a title of movie or anything you like. Have some fun and play it as a game with some friends. Spin a bottle and who ever it points to has to make up a song with the three words or a limerick.

* Take a walk while you ponder a situation. Walking is great as it stimulates blood flow to the brain and a change of environment gives you more stimuli for creative ideas.

* Listen to some classical music, there has been a lot of studies for how Mozart and other classical composer’s music affects and opens the brain to new activity.

Remember what ever you are doing have fun with it, life is a great thing to be experiencing when filled with joy.

Voice Over Work

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Improv Voice Overs
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Learn Improv, Have More Fun, Improvisation Can Change Your Life

Set Your Imagination Free…

Improv Improves Social Skills

Improv Improves Social Skills

None of us want to feel foolish or embarrassed. Being able to blend in to any environment is both a wonderful tool for both social and business success, while also protecting us from uncomfortable or undesired social moments.

One of the most useful tools in all situations is the ability to LISTEN. Improv teaches this better than any other tool.

Improv Improves Listening Skills

Listening is a super powerful ability for it give’s you information upon which you can act upon. It enables you to be both armed and prepared for the next moment. When you listen you are gaining information about the environment, about your fellow colleagues and friends. And as the old adage goes… “Information is power”.

Of course when I say Listening I am referring to not just “what” is being said but the how it is being said, the body language and the tone used to convey the information. Observing how people communicate is a wonderful opportunity to see who likes each other, who tolerates each other, and who wants attention from who. Taking the time to observe a new environment enables you to build an understanding of those in that environment. Now you don’t want to be a “gawky stalker” by acting like a reporter or psycho fan, you want to be very casual and unobtrusive with all your observing.

Here are some quick tips.

* Manners are always welcomed. Smile, say “Thank you” and “Please”.

* Pay attention when someone is talking to you and let them finish their thought or sentence before you give your opinion. Allowing someone to say what they think or want, creates a bond with you being the listener. Even if you disagree, allowing them to finish before you reply creates respect. If you can use some of their own words or phrasing in your response, either for or against their idea shows you were listening and also creates a sense of understanding. (A great fun exercise to build this ability is the Improv exercise “So What You Are Saying”)

* Quietly laughing, smiling and nodding when someone is retelling an antidote or situation is another way to “be a part of the group” and create bonding emotions.

* Being focused and aware of how your actions and comments are being received and observed by others who are listening to you and observing you. This is also a part of the “Listening to your environment” skill. Gauging by body language and vocal tones how other are reacting to what you are saying.

* Having some funny stories about your self, or current events, or obscure information, any of these can be a great catalyst to conversation. Starting a conversation and then listening as others reveal their thoughts is another way to feel included by all involved. (Now in this situation having some information on a topic that you like and are interested is good. This way you are being genuine and that is subconsciously picked up by those around you)

* A great Improv exercise to increase your ability to observe and think and act at the same time is “What Are You Doing”, It’s also a lot of fun try this with some friends and begin your journey of growth.

* And of course this is just the beginning…

Improv Game 1

Improv Game – Improv Technique
So What You Are Saying Is a great improv game to play with a partner or a spouse.

Improv Game #1
“So What You Are Saying” is a very simple process. You only get to speak one sentence at a time. First person “A” makes a statement, then, person “B” simply states “So What You Are Saying is”… and then in their own words they reword what was just told to them by person “A”. The main rule of this game is that you can not use the same words that were used in the initial sentence. Then after they have repeated what was said they respond with their one sentence. Then Person “A” simply states “So What You Are Saying is”… and then in their own words they reword the sentence that person “B” said as their reply and then they respond, and so on.

An example…..

A: The shampoo bottle is empty.
B: So what you are saying is… the container of liquid for hair cleansing no longer has anything in it. There is a new one in the cupboard.
A: So what you are saying is… that there is an un-opened full shampoo bottle in the storage area under the bathroom sink. Why didn’t you put this one in the bin?
B: So what you are saying is… you are confused by a bottle of incorrect location based on its lack of contents.
The idea here is to both, express your thoughts while having fun with re-wording what your partner has said.

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Learn Improv, Have More Fun, Improvisation Can Change Your Life

Set Your Imagination Free…

IMPROV GAME #2 – Highlighted Mirror

IMPROV GAME #3 – What Are You Doing?

IMPROV GAME #4 – Broken Telephone