The primary things you learn in Improv class is to listen intently to exactly what is being said, and observe what is being done in your entire environment. You learn to read other people and communicate through sound and movement, not just words.

You learn to 'accept' what is being given to you and make it work. The opposite of this is 'blocking', which you learn not to do. 'Blocking' reduces the creative flow and stifles a situation, making people defensive. (This is a must learn for sales teams, customer services, or any communication in business)

You learn that you and everyone else has something to offer. As every idea is considered right, there are no wrong suggestions..... but, you learn that there are sometimes better rights or options available to you.

You learn that it is better to offer an idea and follow your impulse rather than to sit back and hope that someone else does.    This builds self confidence and confidence in you from others.   You learn to give support and to be supported. 

You learn to have FUN with what ever is given to you, or situation you find yourself in, to stimulate the imagination, laugh, and learn about yourself.   It’s an opportunity to laugh at yourself and enjoy life!  



I thought Improv was only for actors!

Improv is for absolutely everyone!    There are so many benefits to stretching your own limits and giving Improv a try.  

Science has come out with some great studies about the benefits of laughter.    Laughing increase serotonin, and decreases cortisol (the stress hormone).   When we engage in Improv, we learn to think quicker, have fun doing it, and allow ourselves to be more imaginative.  

Improv creates ‘out of the box’ thinking, which helps to increase sales, team cooperation, and so much more.   I can tell you all about it, but, my highest recommendation is to give it a try, and experience it for yourself.    Come laugh and play with us on Friday night!  Find out what everyone is laughing about.  

                                                                              Amy Honey




Improvements through



· Health

· Joy

· Serotonin

· Increase Sales

· Confidence

· Creativity

· Communication

· Observation

· Ideas

· Quick Thinking

· Productivity

· Team Work

· Laughter

· Concentration

· Cooperation

· Learning

· Imagination

· Fun

· Experience

· Stress Relief

· Blow off steam

· Release Fear

· Self Awareness

· Presence

· The benefits are countless!

· Experience it for yourself!


Why Improv ?

       Learn to laugh, laugh to learn

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Laughter stimulates the mind to be in the moment, and when we are in the moment, we are more productive, creative, and

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